Team around the child

Team around the child

As a foster carer you will be part of the team around the child.  As part of this team you will receive support and advice from the following professionals:

Child’s/Young Person’s Social Worker

In your role as a foster carer you will work closely with the child’s social worker.  The child’s social worker will provide you with advice and guidance regarding the care of the child/young person.

Specialist Nurse for Looked After Children

The role of the Nurse is to try and make sure that the children and young people are physically and emotionally ‘fit and healthy’. This includes checking whether they are keeping up to date with routine health care such as dental health checks and immunisations. The Nurse will also:

  • Provide advice, support and information to young people, foster carers and others in relation to health matters
  • Undertake individual and group sessions with children and young people to reflect their health needs ensuring appropriate access to information about health to help them make decisions. This might include information about smoking, drug taking and sexual health
  • Coordinate and carry out statutory health assessments with individual children and young people as per government guidelines.
  • Provide training to both foster carers, social workers and health staff regarding the health needs, support and advice for children and young people in care.

Virtual School Head for education

Virtual School Heads (VSHs) are in charge of promoting the educational achievement of all the children looked after by the local authority.

Child Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

There are specific CAMHS workers within the Local Authorities who provide therapeutic input for foster carers and the young people who are in placement.


Fostering is about caring for children and young people

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